10.21 The league president shall appoint an official statistician. The
statistician shall maintain an accumulative record of all the batting, fielding,
running and pitching records specified in 10.02 for every player who appears
in a league championship game. The statistician shall prepare a tabulated
report at the end of the season, including all individual and team records for
every championship game, and shall submit this report to the league
president. This report shall identify each player by his first name and
surname, and shall indicate as to each batter whether he bats righthanded,
lefthanded or both ways; as to each fielder and pitcher, whether he throws
righthanded or lefthanded. When a player listed in the starting lineup for the
visiting club is substituted for before he plays defensively, he shall not receive
credit in the defensive statistics (fielding), unless he actually plays that
position during a game. All such players, however, shall be credited with one
game played (in "batting statistics") as long as they are announced into the
game or listed on the official lineup card. Any games played to break a
divisional tie shall be included in the statistics for that championship season.

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