1.15 (a) The pitcher's glove shall be uniform in color, including all stitching,
          lacing and webbing. The pitcher's glove may not be white or gray. 
      (b) No pitcher shall attach to his glove any foreign material of a color
          different from the glove.


1.16 A Professional League shall adopt the following rule pertaining to the
use of helmets: 
    (a) All players shall use some type of protective helmet while at bat. 
    (b) All players in National Association Leagues shall wear a double ear
        flap helmet while at bat. 
    (c) All players entering the Major Leagues commencing with the 1983
        championship season and every succeeding season thereafter must wear a
        single ear flap helmet (or at the player's option, a double ear flap helmet),
        except those players who were in the Major League during the 1982 season,
        and who, as recorded in that season, objected to wearing a single ear flap
    (d) All catchers shall wear a catcher's protective helmet, while fielding
       their position. 
    (e) All bat/ball boys or girls shall wear a protective helmet while
        performing their duties. If the umpire observes any violation of these rules, he
        shall direct the violation to be corrected. If the violation is not corrected within
        a reasonable time, in the umpire's judgment, the umpire shall eject the
        offender from the game, and disciplinary action, as appropriate, will be

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