1.14 Each fielder, other than the first baseman or catcher, may use or wear a
leather glove. The measurements covering size of glove shall be made by
measuring front side or ball receiving side of glove. The tool or measuring
tape shall be placed to contact the surface or feature of item being measured
and follow all contours in the process. The glove shall not measure more than
12'' from the tip of any one of the 4 fingers, through the ball pocket to the
bottom edge or heel of glove. The glove shall not measure more than 7 3/4''
wide, measured from the inside seam at base of first finger, along base of
other fingers, to the outside edge of little finger edge of glove. The space or
area between the thumb and first finger, called crotch, may be filled with
leather webbing or back stop. The webbing may be constructed of two plies
of standard leather to close the crotch area entirely, or it may be constructed
of a series of tunnels made of leather, or a series of panels of leather, or of
lacing leather thongs. The webbing may not be constructed of wound or
wrapped lacing to make a net type of trap. When webbing is made to cover
entire crotch area, the webbing can be constructed so as to be flexible.
When constructed of a series of sections, they must be joined together.
These sections may not be so constructed to allow depression to be
developed by curvatures in the section sides. The webbing shall be made to
control the size of the crotch opening. The crotch opening shall measure not
more than 4 1/2'' at the top, not more than 5 3/4'' deep, and shall be 3 1/2''
wide at its bottom. The opening of crotch shall not be more than 4 1/2'' at any
point below its top. The webbing shall be secured at each side, and at top
and bottom of crotch. The attachment to be made with leather lacing, these
connections to be secured. If they stretch or become loose, they shall be
adjusted to their proper condition. The glove can be of any weight. 

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