In January of 1995, in response to the Major League Baseball strike of 1994, which locked
fans out of the second half of the season, The Phillies Fan Union was born.  The Union 
began operation with two simple goals: a) To represent the needs and feelings of Phillies
fans to the Phillies organization, and b) To help educate Phillie fans with regard to
the inner workings of the Phillies, and those of Major League Baseball.

In out first year, we attracted just over 11,000 members.  We interfaced with the Phillies
front office, began exploring sponsor support, and learned as much as we could about the
concerns of Phillies fans. 

To our delight, the Phillies were interested in what we were doing, and were sensitive to 
what the fans had to say.  This continued for almost eighteen years, and by the beginning
of 2012, we had a membership of over 162,000, worldwide.

With this in mind, we can now look at the Phillies organization as the most fan friendly
in all of professional sports.  As a result, there is little need for our first goal.
The Phillies and their fans enjoy an open, and honest relationship, that continues to
develop, serving the needs of everyone involved.

As we continue to address out second goal, that of being an educational format for
Phillies fans, we have redefined our structure.  No longer in need of the "union" way
of dog business, and now operating purely as an educational entity, we have renamed
our organization.  Now, Phillies Fan Central, we remain comitted to our original
mission, to help the most intelligent baseball fans in the world, enjoy the game, with
a renewed enthusiasm, as we present our members with both vital baseball information,
and day-to-day Phillies coverage.  Enjoy!

Phillies Fan Central
Faust Ruggiero, Executive Director

Faust Ruggiero